Postpartum Doula Services

You Deserve a Doula!

Mom's bodies are meant to rest after childbirth ideally in her bed with the baby tucked in at her side nursing. So often it's a time of many people coming and going, all with different ideas of how babies should be fed and handled.  Your body knows better than anyone else exactly what you need.  That's why there are Postpartum Doulas around.

As a Postpartum Doula I help answer questions about feeding the baby and sleep based on the most recent evidence based information.  I can keep your home going on it's schedule so it never knows your are hiding out in your room.  I also spend time with older and not so much older children giving them all my attention and making sure they are full and dry most of the time. I can handle light cooking.  For good dinners its a better idea to get signed up on Help Mom meal calendar.

It's normal for a Mom to go through a major slump in her emotions just around 4-5 days after the baby is born for a week or so.  All those visitors left lots of great food, but now how are you going to cook?  It's a hard time.  I can act as a cushion  so you can still rest and ride through the tears while the milk flows with extra hugs and encouragement.

Sometimes Moms don't move out of their depression or develop anxieties or compulsions that hinder their mothering. I watch out for signs of these problems.  They are real, they are illnesses, and they can be healed with help.  I have resources Mom's can go  to for help and can work with family and friends to keep things going until you are feeling better.

I set my schedule according to your needs.  I can be there once a week or every day if needed.  I usually work with a family for about 4 hours each visit. I generally help a family for about 6 weeks after the birth, but this time is flexible.  I work on a sliding scale and my top fee is $10.00/hour.

I am seeking training as a Postpartum Doula in the near future and currently work based on my own experience and knowledge.  I have training through Postpartum Support International in maternal mood disorders.

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