Birth Doula Services

A Doula for every Mom

I am a 56 year old mother of three grown children.  My first son was born in a hospital with a Nurse Midwife.  My daughter and second son were both born at home with a lay Midwife.  I know that women's bodies know how to give birth intuitively.  I also know that women remember their births down to the smallest details throughout their lives.  I work with mothers and their partners to increase the likelihood that their memories will be good ones. 

I meet with each mother and partner three times before the birth.  We will develop a birth plan together based on the couples desires and information I provide.We present the Birth Plan to the Doctor or Midwife for approval. Where differences exist between the Plan and the Doctor's or Midwife's practices we will work to find reasonable compromises. 

The Birth Plan is flexible and can change as changes occur during the birth. I will advocate for the mother as changes occur; helping her to get all the information she needs to make a well informed decision. Before the birth I provide exercises for the mother that are good for getting the baby in an optimal position for birth. We will talk about how the birth is likely to proceed, get a good start on how breastfeeding works and plan for postpartum care.

I am present throughout the birth.  I have the food, drink and all the necessities I need to stay with the mother. I work with the partner at his comfort level in using comfort measures like massage, positioning and movement to assist the mother in riding through her contractions. Getting in the tub or shower  is relaxing.  I work with the mother and her partner to establish a rhythm in her breathing and movement that helps the body relax as contractions wash over the mother like waves. With up to date evidenced based information, physical and emotional support and the guidance of your birth plan I will assist you in labor and birth.   

I will stay with you for an hour or two to help you get a good start on bonding and breastfeeding; keeping you as comfortable as possible after the birth. I will visit the next day or so to go over  your memories of your birth with you.  I will make a birth story for you to keep.  I can continue our visiting as a Birth Doula for 2 more visits during the first weeks to find out how everything is going and what help you need postpartum if you like. After our final visit our relationship would come to a friendly close or I can continue as your Postpartum Doula if you want extra help with managing baby, family and home.

I charge for my services on a sliding scale.  If you fall below standard guidelines for assistance eligibility my services will be voluntary.  The full rate I charge is $350.00. Initial interview is free.

Please contact me at if you are interested in meeting with me for a free visit.

I have completed the workshop training required for DONA certification.  I am now completing the practical part of my training by attending births as a Doula.  I am happy to provide references.

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