Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Postpartum Doula

In many cultures women are honored
after they give birth.
They are surrounded by
mothers, grandmotherssisters, 
aunts and friends. All of them
together making food, drawing the bath
with healing salts and soothing fragrances.
Rubbing the mother's sore body muscles 
with warm almond oil until her skin glows.
Making the laundry fresh and clean
and the house sparkle with happiness.

All for the mother.
So she can heal and care 
for the most precious gift
she has given to the world.
Protecting her healing time
so she can gaze into her newborn's eyes
and learn every crease and wrinkle.
To soak her child back into herself
as the infant drinks her warm sweet milk.

It is every woman's birthright to have this time.
Even in our fast paced culture.
We need to catch our breath and unfold
so our children will know we are with them.
I am a woman who honors the time after birth.
When mothers, sisters, aunts and friends may be 
flung to the four corners of the earth,
busy with their own lives,
or seperated by great distances although
they live in close proximity.
I keep the time and space for nurturing 
so the mother can rest and tend to her baby.
Her precious gift to the world.

In our culture there are too many mothers 
who slip into deep depression, endless worries or fear.
Mothers who feel that they do not know what to do.
Women who have experienced traumatic births
With no recovery in sight.
Women who are missing  the natural urge
to hold their newborn babies
but do it anyway out of a courageous strain of love.

These mothers need to be honored.
Their precious babies hold their gifts, waiting
to give it to the world before it is lost.
I am a woman who listens to the pain
as it drains out of the wounded mothers.
I help them find their way towards healing. 
I help them find hope.

I am a Postpartum Doula and I know
how fragile this time after birth can be
because I have lived it myself alone.
I will go to great lengths to honor a woman's 
time after birth as something sacred;
something essential to the well being of us all.

Mothers deserve to feel rested and able 
to cope with their newborn babies.
To take their rest knowing that all will be well,
knowing that these first weeks are the 
most important time that can be taken
to give and heal.

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