Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome Home

To a comfortable chair in a warm room surrounded by mothers, babies and young children who want to hear all about how you and your baby are learning and growing. We gather to laugh and cry and hear stories that are like our own. We have so much in common: the sleepless nights, the unending gas that doesn't come out, the crying time, and all the changes. The ups and downs that the huge shifts in hormones bring and the changing relationships with family and friends that are an everyday occurrence for each of us in our lives. Trying to raise a newborn in a sleep deprived state is very difficult work. Getting out of the house is a major miracle. An afternoon or early evening time with other moms can be a God send. What have you found that works to get some extra sleep in the day or night? Your experiences are valuable! We all need all the help we can get! This is a place for you online, and in reality. Online I will provide information to answer questions and tease your brains. I will offer support and challenge thinking that you may have already grown out of, but didn't know it yet. In our real lives we will gather together in a group twice each month for a topic presentation and sharing time. See the post Time Together for information about times, dates and places we will meet. I am honored to have the opportunity to be with you during this time when you are becoming a mother. No matter how many children you have had, you are a new mother for each of them. Deep inside you know exactly what you need to become the best mom you can be. I will provide the resources and organization for moms to get together. You will determine the topics we discuss and the time needed for sharing. This is your group, it will grow into what you need. This place is also a safety net to catch you if the responsibilities of motherhood begin to weigh too heavily upon you. We will find solutions and help in the larger community together if your reserves are exhausted. We must care for the mother so she can care for her child/ren. The pitcher has to be full before you can pour it.

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