Monday, January 16, 2012

Time Together

In my work as a Birth Doula I  see a mom and her family three times before the birth, during the birth and three times after the birth.  Sometimes a mom needs additional care after the baby is born.  Then I work as a Postpartum Doula, helping with chores around the house, spending time with siblings or the baby so the Mom can rest or sitting and listening to the stories and concerns of the Mom.  At the end of one on one contact I believe that all new moms (we are always new with each child that is born) need a continuing circle of support with other moms facing similar experiences.  

The group will be meeting twice each month.  Times have been tentatively set for the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 1:00-3:00pm (or as long as your baby can hold out).  Eventually I'd like to vary the times so both at home and working moms will have a chance to attend.  All times are subject to change and will reflect the needs of the group.  I have found a cozy meeting space at The Lotus Center, which is right above Global Village on 25 W Superior Street.  Parking is available anywhere on the street, but also in a parking garage across the street under the MNPower/Allete building.  The parking is accessed via Michigan Street. You are Invited!

The Childbearing Years group will be open to all mothers with babes in arms. Young children are also welcome.   It would be ideal if we could find an older sibling(s) who would enjoy spending time with the younger mobile children during our time together.  Maybe the group as a whole could chip in to provide a monetary incentive to our future caregivers.  Above all, I want you to come as you are, get out of the house and make new friends.

This will be a peer support group where each mom in the group will support and be supported by the other moms.  Each meeting will consist of a presentation topic chosen by the moms, and a sharing circle where mom's can share their experiences and listen to others. Each member will grow in their ability to communicate effectively by listening attentively and reflecting upon each other's experiences.  This is not a problem solving group, although your problems may be solved in talking about them.  As a group we will not try to fix each other’s difficulties, but simply be there to listen and offer encouragement to each other.

 If you are interested in attending contact me, at 218-310-2038.

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